Autumn of Love and Awareness

September was mental health awareness month, and we celebrated it with whole new line of artists, creators and entrepreneurs from our LGBTQIA+ community, at All My Friends Pub on the 30th of the month.
We had a huge number of applicants for this edition, so the curatorial process was intricate, detailed and super productive.
Most of the traders were new to the Quirk Family, sowe opened our arms to received them with the warmest of welcomes.
We had amazing artists from Dublin and Cork that are expanding their businesses audience on our market for the very first time.
It was also the introduction to the Irish Market for the Peruvian brand ''Pulga La Tienda'', which sources ethically produced items of clothing that pays homage to their ancestrals.
We gathered, shared and built an even bigger community, in a safe space in Dublin city, and we keep growing!
Photos by @ciarangildea

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