Better on the street!

Street trading has been a tradition for the last century in Ireland, where people really enjoy the alternative shopping experience because it makes them feel closer to the trader and of course to the product they are looking to purchase.

The street food markets are getting more popular everyday between locals and visitors because they can offer a colourful variety of fresh vegetables and fruits produced by local farmers, but also a diversity of culinary options from all over the world. One of them is the well known on Moore Street, The Liberty Market on Meath Street, and The temple Bar Food Market which has been on for over 30 years.
But not only food leads the market scene in Ireland, There is a huge culture for vintage/second hand furniture, clothes, shoes, decoration, collectible objects and art pieces. Here is when the Flea culture emerged, with the installation of the first Flea market Dublin, where people from all over the Country got to sell, buy, meet, greet and hustle at the same time, with people from all over the world. It’s an interesting, delicate, friendly, smart and personalised way to buy. It was part of the culture of the dubliner for the last 5 years, now after the relocation it will get to expand their culture to a different public.
Street marketing has been a tradition that keeps captivating young and old, from here or there. It is our Job to keep the tradition, make it popular and accesible to everyone.


Book stall at Moore Street 1950's


 Collectible objects, decoration, furniture and more was trade on Moore St.

The well known shoemakers were also part of the market.

Moore Street 1960's.

Famous for always selling fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Front door of The Liberty Market on Thomas Street, Dublin.

Antiques, jewellery and unique collectible pieces make this market renown. 

The Temple Bar Food Market.

One of the most popular Mediterranean food stalls in the market.

Sharon, Dave, Luca and Aisling the creators of the Dublin flea market.

An usual busy Dublin Flea Market day.

Molly Malone, street vendor and traditional character of the Dublin culture.

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