The LGBTQI+ community keeps growing in Ireland, opening spaces for people to feel safe expressing their identities publicly. QUIRK aims to be one of these places where artists of all kinds and creators of all types, would have the opportunity to engage with their audiences and sell their products. Sell their art. Exchange ideas. Debate and share love.
The pandemic hit Ireland and along with the health sector, the commercial area has been severely impacted due to the challenges they’ve faced. Hundreds of small businesses had to cease their activities for good, leaving a gap in the market for those who like to buy from the creator’s hands. This is why QUIRK would represent an opportunity for upliftingstabilisation, and branding for them.
QUIRK would run from 12 to 17:00 hrs on Sunday the 19th of December. At Street 66, on parliament Street, Temple bar, Dublin 2.
We love Street 66, and we couldn’t be happier that this is where this event will take place,  because we feel is the only LGBTQ+ bar in Dublin that represents what our market means. Modernity, inspiration, creativity, and passion. 
We have invited ActUp Dublin, Mpowerprogram, and Pozvibes podcast to have a stall FREE of costs, to sell their merch and other products, apart from spreading the latest information we all need to know about their work. 
We consider that their organisation, impacts directly the lifestyle of our community and it would be an honour to have them with us. 
This is a family event, created by queer people, for everyone. 
United together! 
Email: quirkmarketdublin@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quirkmarketdublin/ 

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