Knowing My Shapes

1st edition
Self Awareness  
by Maholin Navarro
I have been through a very interesting process of self awareness of my body shape and how I look like to the outside, this process for me is very interesting and so passionate it is something that I have learned how to mix with Fashion. I am not an expert in Fashion or tendencies but I grew up with a big freedom of wearing whatever I wanted to, whether my parents liked it or not. I keep within myself that rebel spirit of doing what I want with my Image I tried all sorts of different kind of styles throughout my life, some of them worked some others not really, but it wasn't until I tried it on that I realised what I liked or what I don’t. I used  to go clothes shopping and coming back home really sad with empty hands because I wasn’t able to try anything different sometimes not even different, maybe just the normal women clothing. This came by the hand of the fact that I was so big for my age in all dimensions possible, height, weight, foot size, absolutely everything of course when I used to get to the shops and finally find something that I might like sometimes I wouldn’t even be up for trying because automatically my mind will send me a direct message that said literally “oh, don’t try that it won’t fit you,''I was probably right at that moment because being a plus size girl in Latin America is not an easy thing but with time I discovered myself in a different way I decide that I wasn’t going to attach my body to that pre conception, I just found the way through clothes to express who I was and who I really am.
I started it buying fabrics and designing my own clothes, I started walking around all the shops looking for accessories that will give to my look that special shine that I wanted, it wasn’t an easy process to start or understand but I did it I stick to what I liked to what I felt was me no matter what, no matter what people will think of me because I was finally feeling happy with what I was wearing. In that way I found myself creating styles that sometimes might have inspired others to try something different or maybe will put a question mark in your brain towards certain pieces of clothing that you will never think can be use or combine in the way that sometimes I do. I literally found part of my soul in my clothes, I learned what kind of colours I like, what kind of shapes works better for me, I started looking at myself in the mirror with love and understanding, that is why for me clothes isn’t just about fashion or tendencies, for me it is more about who I am and how I feel comfortable with. Sometimes the clothes just speaks to you, sometimes you just need to give the fabrics and textures a chance to know you and give yourself the opportunity to express something with your own body. 
My message to everyone is very simple let yourself be whatever you want without judgment and don’t don’t forget to try something new every now and again it helps to refresh views and thoughts. 
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Photography @Ciarangildea / @steve.mason420