Time is moving fast, and so are we!
The 3rd edition of Quirk Market was the 7th of August, at the newly gem
''All My Friends Pub''.
Dublin 8 never looked so Queer, so good, with all the super talented traders and their creations, vibe and great craic. 
We have been exploring the queer scene in Dublin and diving deep into their roots, to find the right spot for our market, and @allmyfriendpub seems to be the one for it. Also, Meath Street has a remarkable history of street trading and support to small businesses, so the concept of Quirk fits right in.  
We hosted for all our traders, creating a safe space to present themselves to the world, and to be able to share, explain and debate their art, illustrations, creations and much more.
Veda Lady and Alan Snts, played their favourite tunes, we drank cocktails and celebrated love, unity and the empowerment of our community...
Thank YOU ALL!
Photos from @rabiefoto

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  • Dani Wickcraft & Wickery

    The photos are gorgeous ✨
    So is the intro & intention above them x

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