Shannen takes Berlin

Berlin is just Berlin!
From its dry cold, to those wild day/night parties, it is just a city that invites you to explore a bit more of what you think you know and to express as much as you want of yourself.
Ciaran and Shannen were good pals from work, but they also shared a beautiful passion for Hip Hop. She is a an amazing and dedicated Irish hip hop dancer who was tired of Dublin's routine, moved to Berlin to break all the social rules and follow her dreams of dancing.
And she made it! 
Shannen was contacted by the producers of a new German dance movie (which details will be revealed soon) to be part of it and to do what she's well known for, Hip Hop dancing. 
Today she is sharing the stage with important artists from Germany and around the world, leaving her legacy and leaving her best moves on the dance floor. 
In our visit to Berlin, we met Shannen for a glass of wine or two and we planned this express photo-shooting on the streets of Kreuzberg. It was fun and easy to style as her personality shines over all.
Now this is what we love the most!
Letting our friends wear the shirts and make them their own. At the same time, have the opportunity to take photos of them and writing a bit about how amazing, talented and inspiring they all are!

Thanks Shannen for being our model for one day!
And thanks Ciarán for the neat photography!
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