The Beginning


The conception of a new project usually starts with brain storming, or a basic throwing together of ideas to the table to think about their Pros and Cons. In this case, Ciaran and Luis were captivated by vintage fashion for the last 5 years, this was the impulse for them to get into the second hand marketing in Dublin. A city moved by a young and smart generation that loves being fashionable and unique all the time.

Their main idea was creating a brand specialised in shirts that would bring the vintage fashion to a different level. Offering the people Authentic, Unisex and Oversized shirts which makes it easier to reach out to different targets and the Uniqueness of their patterns makes them versatile and easy to wear in so many different occasions.

The idea was conceived, but How to make it possible?

After researching about vintage suppliers worldwide and getting in contact with many of them, verifying the quality and style of the clothes, they decided to travel to Berlin in search of vintage fashionable wear. Here is where they found Pick & Weight, a German vintage company run by a bunch of passionate collectors of clothing that kindly open their shop and a partnership door to the Dublin market through them. 

Pick & Weight hand pick every single shirt and send it over to Dublin with the opportunity of being worn by a different person every time, and that is how it works, the usage of an existing item of clothing by different people in different generations. We are wearing history! Once they’re here, costumers can get them online or in different flea and design markets in Dublin. 


It sounds simple, but requieres hard work and a good taste for clothing and fashion design. These Shirts are remarkably beautiful, made in different materials and kept in perfect conditions. it is worthy to buy a unique piece rather than something made by per tons and oversold worldwide.

Keep in touch through their Instagram accounts! / @the.pichis

The display before hitting Dublin Markets.
One of @Picknweight's huge shops in Germany.
Street view of Dublin Flea Market April 18th 
Street view of Dublin Flea Market April 18th 
  Ciaran ready on the P.Shirts stall!   
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