Try it on!

During the process of listening to my senses every time I go shopping. I realised that I like to feel different, fashionable and comfortable. I notice that some people tend to bring themselves to the same styles of clothing all the time, for some us get out of our comfort zone it's not an easy task. Sometimes when we are trying a different style of clothing for the first time there is always that little voice in our head that says “oh! Maybe this type of clothes is not for me”. 
When I am buying clothes, mostly vintage or second hand, what calls my attention all the time, especially when I am looking at something totally out of my comfort zone is, how would I look with this piece of clothing?, sometimes just the idea makes me think automatically “nah, not for me”. But also this exercise has brought me so many occasions to that point  when I started imagining and picturing myself in my mind, wearing that specific and unusual type of clothes.
I have to say that since I actively started practicing that statement, it blew my mind. I realised that I am allowing myself  to get out of my little corner, out of my mind set. My advice to you always will be please allow yourself, try it on and see how you feel, some new shapes or new colours would be great to refresh your style . Don’t be afraid to express yourself through your clothes.
I personally started feeling so much better with myself when I started knowing my shapes in a better way.  I start allowing myself to try on everything!, I love black, I love colours. I believe nowadays there is no gender in clothing and fashion has changed and evolved amazingly. And guess what? We are here right now to see it and experience it, with our own eyes, with our own body. 
Vintage clothes for me have been an open window to express myself. And the best part of using this type of clothes is that we can feel authentic. Second clothes are unique, it even feels like it is specially made for you. Visiting these kinds of shops will show you that other side of clothing that is different and would reflect your personality by its originality. 
When I think in vintage or second hand clothes I see sustainability, helping the planet, recycling and spreading love. I cordially invite you to support small business in Ireland and to keep up your personality buying something cool that could reflex a little bit of your soul. 
Maholin Navarro
IG: @mahohoji
Photography by @ciarangildea
Styling by & @Louisnoguera
Black jumper from @greyandgingerclothing
Earrings by @sandiadublin
Much love!!!

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